Filing the IDAHO Statement of Premium Taxes to the DOI

Description on how to file the annual premium report to the Idaho DOI through TriTech.

Filing the Statement of Premium Taxes to the DOI is pretty straightforward. Please carefully read the instructions below before you reach out to the SLA of Idaho, should you have additional questions. To be clear, you do NOT file this report and the corresponding SL Taxes within the InsCIpher Broker Portal. This report would need to be submitted through the TriTech portal, even if you have written 0 surplus lines transactions in the state of Idaho.


Filing the Annual Statement of Premium Taxes for IDAHO

How Do I Submit a Report to the DOI?

Once in the TriTech portal, and you have verified you are not a robot, select:

  • State: Idaho
  • Year: 2020
  • Company Type: Other
  • Return: SL Brokers Annual Premium Tax


The SLA of Idaho has provided written instructions on how to file your Statement of Premium Taxes to the DOI. Please download this PDF and carefully follow this process. 

How Do I Determine What Amounts Should Be Reported to the DOI?

Getting your annual Taxable Premium totals is simple and can be done using Using the InsCipher Broker Dashboard:


On the InsCipher Dashboard under the "Filing Summary" section, select Idaho > The appropriate Licensee > User the "Date Accepted" criteria > Select the appropriate tax year > and then click the   UPDATE SUMMARY   button.

For example: If you are doing your 2020 annual report that is due on Mar 1, 2021, select "2020" as the tax year.

Write down the Taxable Premium, which is the summation of all Premium + Broker Fees + Carrier Fees reported to the Idaho DOI. 


If you have questions about details of the filings submitted, you can click on the quick link number under the "Filed" section to see which transactions make up the totals in the summary. Doing so will take you to a filtered list on the Filings page for transactions filed for the year selected. Should you want a report, click on the   DOWNLOAD CSV  button at the bottom of the page: